Monday, 25 February 2013

Andrew timms- initial ideas

we had a few ideas at the beginning about what type building it was going to be, we soon decided to go with an abandoned school that was overgrown with foliage, from their we started creating moodboards to get an overall feel of how we wanted the finished level to look and to help us in the next stage which would be concepting the areas of the building we will each be modellling.

my first concept was of the walkway instead of a room as when we walked around the queens building to take photos i noticed the large windows and thought we might be able to use them in a more interesting way. I then went and created the concept below of a helicopter that had crashed through the window landing on the walkway. the idea also that the player can walk through the open doors instead of it blocking the way.

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we are each planning to do at least one room of our own in the building however i will most likely be modelling the helicopter therefore this is being counted as around the same amount as one room, aswell as this i will be modelling smaller more general assets. once the helicopter is complete i will then be able to see what other objects need modelling.

this is a painover i did of a classroom , we are planning to do different themed classrooms e.g maths science  and art so that we can use the themes and their relative objects to keep the rooms feeling different and not all the same by having easels in and art room etc. the concept above had no specific theme behind it and i may change and add to it at a later time.

after showing the rest of the group my concept we discussed it and thought it might be better to make it look like a rescue helicopter rather than a military one and to also add a bit more foliage and decay.

we were also playing around with the idea of starting in aus or vehichle so it seems likeyou have crashed you car or bus and had to flee into the building to escape the zombies outside, the above concept is of a minibus that has crashed through the wall backwards allowing whoever was inside to get escape into the building.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

     initial ideas and concepts /Adam Osbourne

very early we decided on our theme an we started to get out a story line that you play as a scavenger looking for food  and comes across this abandoned  overgrown school and has to find this key so that he can acces the cafeteira and scout for food  and maybe the idea the abandoned building isn't so abandoned  and has lots of booby traps and scary assets and and spooky signs . once we had our theme we organised who was interested in building what so we split up what we'd all like to , we also tried to plan out the player route of the map to push the player through all the rooms we wanted to make. 

i chose to take on the lecture room an stairwell because i think i can do something really interesting with it. the idea of mainly natural lighting could work quite well for my lecture room because  were making in on the top floor so i could put holes in the roof and smash the windows and have some interesting spotlight, i also had some ideas of big vines draping up to roof or out of it draping down. i want to add allot of dirt and newspaper thrown about and maybe smashed up desk and torn chairs. but my main point of interest so far would be the projector and blackboards with crazy imagery.

once i knew what room i was doing i began to compile an initial assets list just for ideas of what i could have in my room.

Curving desk
Health and safety
Stair well
Smashed glass
Smoke detectors
Fire alarms
Teddy bears
Light switches
Torn chairs
Ticking clock
Blood and guts
Dead looking dolls
Kids art work
Hand paintings
Childrens writing
Muddy skulls
Crumbed brick work
Axe hole

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Marc Pinkney - Initail Ideas

 So far we have decided on a theme for the queen project 'An abandoned school' we wanted to give the horror interior a freaky vibe by including kids toys such as teddy bears and tricycles. I think we will use natural lighting as the building is abandoned so there will be no electricity, light from the windows and the huge opening in the wall (from helicopter/bus crash) will create more atmosphere withing the building. This is a paint-over of one of the classrooms in the Queens building i did....

  I wanted to create a eriee atmosphere with the tables being knocked over and the lighting, however i know i have painted a light in but this is only a initial concept. I thought about giving a hidden message on the blackboard for the player to look at, this could be a clue on how to progress withing the level, such as a map to the location of a key? 

 We have all now been assigned particular rooms from the Queens building, i have chosen the playground and a classroom. Based on this i have made myself an initial asset list to give me a few ideas of what to put into the final concepts. 

Playground (Indoor)

Climbing Frame
Black Board
Hoola Hoops
Crash Mat
Teddy Bear
Basket Ball Nets
Climbing wall
Teddy Bears
Vault Horse

The next task is to design a final concept for one of my chosen rooms so i can show the rest of team and discuss weather the mood, atmosphere and design will fit in with our theme.