Wednesday, 27 March 2013

update andrew 27th

still doing this choppa which i want to get finished very soon
i decided to add in the cockpit and change the seats inside so i can use the same ones in the cockpit and the part you walk through.
unwrapping was a bit a challenge but i got their eventually i started texturing but i wont post a picture at this point i will get one up in the next few days. i may need to take some more pictures to use for texturing.
i was finding my uvs were not big enough as i have made everything relative in size so textures are consistent and when i started texturing things were coming out way too blurry so i had to split it into 3 which will probably be 1024 each i will see how it goes.
after getting bored of doing the helicopter i decided to make some quick small assets from left to right is a bin, plug socket and a fire alarm button i will probably model the alarm itself and a strip light then hit the sack i should be able to texture them all by tomorrow and try and get them in udk :).

Update from Mackie 27th March

I have been spending a lot of time looking at lightmaps - For some reason there were always nasty marks in the seams between assets.  There are many factors into why this happens, I've posted the most useful tutorials I found on our facebook group.
lightmaps overview
Forum help

I have also been upgrading all my assets and started on the second floor.  We really need to update the level with everyones stuff as soon as possible and really finalise the path of player.  Items will need to be fixed and re-imported no doubt - I still want to re-unwrap a part of my walkway and add vines/plants.

In the future I want to make a ceiling or something to look up at, vertex painting, animating (doors/mobile/flickering lights), sound files, more assets (couches, tables etc), and how to finalise/archive level
A second floor doorway WIP - Might make more windows to add impact

Modular walkway parts in mid-production - just about finished
Upgrading my wall & floor textures

I added the UDK skybox - Can replace with own later



adam osbourne updates

after talking to alex king co art director i made some revision i made my wall texture tileable to make it more Consistent i plan on later to add some mold and cracks from vertex painting to make it more interesting because at the moment i think its quite bland .i then moved on to further with asset building .

after building all my chairs and texturing them and my desks i moved onto my screens which will be a big vocal point in my level and screens.also worked on some more interesting assets to make my room more important by modeling a key and axe and cut of hand when we spoke about the idea for the level we said we'd find a key in my space to enter the final room . and the hand and axe was to incorporate the blood trail through the map as a kind of path.

by next week i want to have done a few alphas for damaged glass and foliage and maybe some paper about like in resident evil .

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

20 March Update

A quick update here so you know the general status fo our level.

We have spent quite bit of time to get the ball rolling and organised.  The main level geometry is there - the walls, floors, pillars all the vital parts.

There are a few different zones established -
* Reception
*The atrium

On top of that we have a helicopter which will be a nicecentre piece.

The level from a distance.  We have plotted a path from south to north, zig-zagging & back tracking to use that space

We have made a few tiling textures so we can throw them on assets and use for multi-sub objects

We also have started to go through a "hit-list", but are a little behind where I personally would like to be.  Its the half way mark now.

The view north after leaving reception - A little Bare while we decided what to do

Tuesdays are our official team day where we collate our efforts and check where we are at.
Here is the hit list for the upcoming week column 1 = meshed, 2 = textured, 3 = successful intergration with level

Everyone has access to UDK and can make Prefabs.  It is important that we all get some UDK experience share the workload.

A list makes it easier to focus and means less faffing - If anyone (myself included) doesnt complete it there better be a good reason or else

Monday, 18 March 2013

white boxing and asset building adam osbourne 

after working out which indivudal parts of the map we are working on and an initial asset list i moved on to white boxing for concepts and just to get a better fell for the map

 also gave me a better idea of which parts of the map need to be filled out with lots of assets and bits that need be blocked of with barricades i also needed to decided where light would be coming from since we decided to use mostly natural light in our level
after building the walls and applying the basic texture i imported it into udk unforuntly the way i modeled the room the desk verts had to be indivdual moved to fit the room rather than one repeated asset but luckily my part of the building is the only room with round desks.
i wanted to lave big open windows so that they could be boarded up so latter on i could use lights to shine in to the room through the gaps and then maybe some alpha glass on the floor and vines .
because the desk are very simple im going to have  tome come up with a way of breaking them up and more interesting using vertex painting and breaking up with damaged chairs bricks and rubbish.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Prioritising assets

Main Geometry
Small Geometry
Tilable Textures
Modular textures








Here I sorted what I thought a decent way to divide my work, getting the bigger and more essential bits done ASAP.  We have a lot of shared photos to make textures and will try to make some tillable textures to cover more space.

A Play Pen test area (stepping stones here) - testing scale, speed, jump, steps and UDK in general

Basic brick material

Simple building blocks - Not all will get exported into UDK

Illustrating the box and intended scale
Metres BOXES Units pixels
0.125 0.0625 16 32
0.25 0.125 32 64 Wall / Step Thickness
0.5 0.25 64 128
0.75 0.375 96 192
1 0.5 128 256
2 1 256 512 Main box Size
3 1.5 384 768
4 2 512 1024
5 2.5 640 1280
6 3 768 1536
7 3.5 896 1792
8 4 1024 2048
9 4.5 1152 2304
10 5 1280 2560
11 5.5 1408 2816
12 6 1536 3072
13 6.5 1664 3328
14 7 1792 3584
15 7.5 1920 3840
16 8 2048 4096

Using an unreal character as a template

 ·         I have made basic floor, walls, stairs, walkway, pillars, beams and rails.  These are all essential building blocks to plot out map… Still need to make doors & windows maybe
·         * For next week I will try to make textures for these assets

Monday, 4 March 2013

Tom Mackie, initial ideas

Initially we all threw some ideas together.  I kept my suggestions vague and threw in some illustrations.

After we knew which direction we wanted to go in - which is an abandoned over grown educational facility we could refine ideas a little further.  We all shared links of games and galleries we found appropriate and made mood boards and pitched ideas to each other.

General mood board

Thinking about story telling & adding interest

A change in size could add contrast

Idea for producing work quick & rationalisng

We had a think about different areas - an example of loose ideas for a library
We kind of allocated roles and I'm the UDK chump.  I also agreed to take responsability for some of the atrium design and modelling.  One very important task for the "Lead Technical artist" is to communicate the needs and to set up folders and get all the technical crap sorted.  It's important that everyone has a clear idea of what is needed and expected.