Tuesday, 23 April 2013

23rd April ~Dan's Update

For the last few weeks on the project, I've began to get a lot of the smaller assets done including more fun stuff, like making the bin more novelty and something that would fit into a school environment (Chicken Bin!). I've also added smaller details to the room in general, such as the door frames, which i made separately from the main walls so i could play around with the placement more. 

Smaller things such as potato smilies and putting our faces on the milk cartons, i thought would make good little Easter eggs for the player to find, and make my area more interesting to explore (need to get pics of everyone, so we all make a guest appearance).... and in hindsight, I need to make that plate actually round (y).

I've placed most of my main assets with the cafeteria and kitchen areas, though i still need to play around with the final placement of everything... i was holding off doing that until i have pretty much all of my assets done so i can experiment with how everything looks in different positions before i finalise the lighting. 

All the furniture in the kitchen is done.... i just need to populate it with small assets like pots, pans, cutlery, etc. depending on how much time i have left, i was considering adding a walk in refrigerator, as there is a lot of spare space in one corner of the room that i think would be ideal. 

Ive borrowed someone else's doors as a place holder for now, as i think it helps to give a good impression of the area being closed off. There are still quite a few problems and things that need fixing in my area, such as what im going to use for the main wall texture, and sorting out the map channels on a few tile able textures i used for things like the tables (the legs shouldn't be wooden!)

Id also like to look at making a partially broken ceiling for the main cafeteria area as ive played around with collapsed furniture, and would like to add some sort of rubble and a hole in the roof, to show more dereliction.

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