Monday, 22 April 2013

Update 22nd April

This week we have been pulling everything to together and started to fill out the level a bit more.
We finalised the first portion of the map - Creating a new area to force the playeraround the map more.  The corridor consists mainly consists of existing assets, but we also made some lockers and a coat hanger to create a cloak room area.

I have also made a few more random assets and updated others to help fill gaps in the level and make prettier.

I currently working on some plants and foliage.  I am hoping to have some bushes to hopefully help guide the player along a path.

I am planning to make a thorny bush and also some flowers to randomly spray around the map - Using local plants as reference.  I still have to make more variations of the grass and vines - These should hopefully fill a lot of gaos in the level and help mask bits too.

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