Monday, 22 April 2013

update andrew timms 22nd april

since my last blog update i have finished my helicopter and imported it into udk i ended up using 3 1024 texture sheets.

i then started creating some general assests that can be re used around the level

switches etc

strip light

fire extinguisher...classic

fire alarm and bin
book cases and books
after doing a few general assets i wanted to do something towards a room so helped alex as he asked me to help him with his classroom.
table with lunch boxes(untextured)

broken window
 where the helicopter has come in there is obviously going to be a broken wall the wall texture shown is just a placeholder and i was playing around with foliage alphas to make it look like plants have come in through the window this still needs finishing.
broken walkway
the walkway will have also have been damaged by the helicopeter so i used toms walkway model as a base and modified it.
 i started playing around making a few rocks and rubble and grouped them togther as some will be needed where the helicopter has entered the building, but they can also be used elsewhere if needed.

something i still need to do is light map my objects for udk and i plan to do it this week

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