Monday, 22 April 2013

Update from Maffy ~ 22nd April

The classrooms I have been working on are looking pretty good; I have been making a lot of assets and improving the textures lately. I think you can actually tell what my classrooms are now that they have assets in them.

My art classroom needs a bit more attention, but I have made the main assets for this room, it just needs a few more little objects in it to create a more cramped and derelict feel. I would like to add creepy children's paintings to the easels and some decals of splashed paint and hand-prints to the walls.

The anatomy mannequins in my science room have been very successful and I am working on creating my birthday party scene to add a bit of psychotic humour to the level. The test-tubes and beakers need a little bit more work on them, as for some reason the glass texture isn't working after reimporting the meshes twice, so I will be working on that. We have spent a bit of time figuring out how to get from room to room, resulting in having a smashed through wall in my science classroom, I will need to move my assets round a little to fit in with this but I think it looks quite good (texture still needs matching up though!)

Also I changed the blog title... spelling mistakes, come on guys what is this?! XD

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