Wednesday, 27 March 2013

update andrew 27th

still doing this choppa which i want to get finished very soon
i decided to add in the cockpit and change the seats inside so i can use the same ones in the cockpit and the part you walk through.
unwrapping was a bit a challenge but i got their eventually i started texturing but i wont post a picture at this point i will get one up in the next few days. i may need to take some more pictures to use for texturing.
i was finding my uvs were not big enough as i have made everything relative in size so textures are consistent and when i started texturing things were coming out way too blurry so i had to split it into 3 which will probably be 1024 each i will see how it goes.
after getting bored of doing the helicopter i decided to make some quick small assets from left to right is a bin, plug socket and a fire alarm button i will probably model the alarm itself and a strip light then hit the sack i should be able to texture them all by tomorrow and try and get them in udk :).

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