Wednesday, 20 March 2013

20 March Update

A quick update here so you know the general status fo our level.

We have spent quite bit of time to get the ball rolling and organised.  The main level geometry is there - the walls, floors, pillars all the vital parts.

There are a few different zones established -
* Reception
*The atrium

On top of that we have a helicopter which will be a nicecentre piece.

The level from a distance.  We have plotted a path from south to north, zig-zagging & back tracking to use that space

We have made a few tiling textures so we can throw them on assets and use for multi-sub objects

We also have started to go through a "hit-list", but are a little behind where I personally would like to be.  Its the half way mark now.

The view north after leaving reception - A little Bare while we decided what to do

Tuesdays are our official team day where we collate our efforts and check where we are at.
Here is the hit list for the upcoming week column 1 = meshed, 2 = textured, 3 = successful intergration with level

Everyone has access to UDK and can make Prefabs.  It is important that we all get some UDK experience share the workload.

A list makes it easier to focus and means less faffing - If anyone (myself included) doesnt complete it there better be a good reason or else

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