Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Update from Mackie 27th March

I have been spending a lot of time looking at lightmaps - For some reason there were always nasty marks in the seams between assets.  There are many factors into why this happens, I've posted the most useful tutorials I found on our facebook group.
lightmaps overview
Forum help

I have also been upgrading all my assets and started on the second floor.  We really need to update the level with everyones stuff as soon as possible and really finalise the path of player.  Items will need to be fixed and re-imported no doubt - I still want to re-unwrap a part of my walkway and add vines/plants.

In the future I want to make a ceiling or something to look up at, vertex painting, animating (doors/mobile/flickering lights), sound files, more assets (couches, tables etc), and how to finalise/archive level
A second floor doorway WIP - Might make more windows to add impact

Modular walkway parts in mid-production - just about finished
Upgrading my wall & floor textures

I added the UDK skybox - Can replace with own later



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