Wednesday, 27 March 2013

adam osbourne updates

after talking to alex king co art director i made some revision i made my wall texture tileable to make it more Consistent i plan on later to add some mold and cracks from vertex painting to make it more interesting because at the moment i think its quite bland .i then moved on to further with asset building .

after building all my chairs and texturing them and my desks i moved onto my screens which will be a big vocal point in my level and screens.also worked on some more interesting assets to make my room more important by modeling a key and axe and cut of hand when we spoke about the idea for the level we said we'd find a key in my space to enter the final room . and the hand and axe was to incorporate the blood trail through the map as a kind of path.

by next week i want to have done a few alphas for damaged glass and foliage and maybe some paper about like in resident evil .

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