Monday, 18 March 2013

white boxing and asset building adam osbourne 

after working out which indivudal parts of the map we are working on and an initial asset list i moved on to white boxing for concepts and just to get a better fell for the map

 also gave me a better idea of which parts of the map need to be filled out with lots of assets and bits that need be blocked of with barricades i also needed to decided where light would be coming from since we decided to use mostly natural light in our level
after building the walls and applying the basic texture i imported it into udk unforuntly the way i modeled the room the desk verts had to be indivdual moved to fit the room rather than one repeated asset but luckily my part of the building is the only room with round desks.
i wanted to lave big open windows so that they could be boarded up so latter on i could use lights to shine in to the room through the gaps and then maybe some alpha glass on the floor and vines .
because the desk are very simple im going to have  tome come up with a way of breaking them up and more interesting using vertex painting and breaking up with damaged chairs bricks and rubbish.

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