Monday, 4 March 2013

Tom Mackie, initial ideas

Initially we all threw some ideas together.  I kept my suggestions vague and threw in some illustrations.

After we knew which direction we wanted to go in - which is an abandoned over grown educational facility we could refine ideas a little further.  We all shared links of games and galleries we found appropriate and made mood boards and pitched ideas to each other.

General mood board

Thinking about story telling & adding interest

A change in size could add contrast

Idea for producing work quick & rationalisng

We had a think about different areas - an example of loose ideas for a library
We kind of allocated roles and I'm the UDK chump.  I also agreed to take responsability for some of the atrium design and modelling.  One very important task for the "Lead Technical artist" is to communicate the needs and to set up folders and get all the technical crap sorted.  It's important that everyone has a clear idea of what is needed and expected.

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